Tuesday, August 1

August New Releases To Die For

Photo by Prasanna Kumar

Hello everyone! As it's the first day of August we're here with all the upcoming new releases of the month that Ruzi and I are excited about, and let me tell you, there are quite a lot! I was actually very surprised to see just how many books I'm looking forward to this month, at least one of which is one of my most awaited releases of the whole year (yeah, it is Wonder Woman: Warbringer, you guessed it right). So, on one hand, I'm really sad it's already August, because that signals the end of summer (and I love summer), but I'm also really glad, because FINALLY, I CAN GET ALL THESE BOOKS. Let's take a look at what "all these books" are, shall we? 

To get to the books' GR page, just click on their covers. 











Well, so that's all the books we are super excited about this month! What about you? Are you waiting on these same books as us or do you have some completely different ones! Let us know so we can flail over them too! 


  1. I completely forgot Wonder Woman was being released this month! Ahh that just made me so excited now lol!!

  2. I didn't release The Epic Crush of Genie Lo releases this month! For some reason I though it was September—this is great news. I'm definitely excited for quite a few of these. One August release that I've already read and loved is Kissing Max Holden, which isn't on your list! Happy reading!


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